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Light Fader

Audio Post Production

A new identity, a great experience

Light Fader to manage your quality projects

A new adventure

At Light Fader, we are proud to announce a new era in our sound journey. Building on the heritage and experience of our former entity, Audio Workshop, we enthusiastically embrace the continuation of our mission: to create unforgettable sound experiences for video games, animated series, fiction and much more.


While retaining the values that have always been at the heart of our work - people, communication and passion - we are committed to going even further in excellence and innovation. With a dedicated team of talented professionals and an approach focused on our clients and their needs, we look forward to continuing this adventure together.


Welcome to Light Fader, where every sound tells a story and every project is an opportunity to create sound magic.

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The facilities

At the heart of the France TV studios in Vendargues, the Light Fader premises are imbued with the creative energy of the surrounding film sets. In this dynamic environment, we have established our base, providing a dedicated haven for the art of audio post-production.


Nestled behind the scenes where the magic of television is created, our offices are a meeting point between technological innovation and artistic passion.


Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and inspiring workspaces, our premises are the cradle where the sounds are born that enrich the productions of tomorrow. We are proud to be part of this dynamic ecosystem and to contribute to its history. Welcome to Light Fader, where inspiration meets excellence in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

The team

Light Fader Team
Light Fader Team

Our team is much more than a group of talented professionals united by a shared passion for audio.


Under the direction of Morgan Dufour, artistic director and specialist in dubbing, we strive to bring a magical touch to each project entrusted to us, whatever the language.With Jean Claude Charlier, composer and sound editor, at the helm of our musical productions, each note becomes a symphony of emotion and creativity. Alongside these two pillars, our team is flourishing with the recent addition of Célia Compeyron and Morgane Bello who bring their technical expertise as a technician and sound editor. 


William Dupis, our video game sound designer, breathe his boundless creativity into each project. 


And of course, all under the caring leadership of Sabrina Jouini, our dedicated executive assistant. We are a strong team, ready to push the boundaries of audio with passion and determination. At Light Fader, the harmony between talents and the joy of creating come together to give birth to a symphony of sonic excellence.

Light Fader at the CNSO in Prague
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Our identity

About our studio

In six years of existence, our teams have proudly produced more than 100 major sound projects across a multitude of media, ranging from video games and films to animated series and commercials. 


The beginning of the journey


Movies and Documentaries




Video games


Registered actors

In partnership with

France TV Studio

Our services

We offer various services to meet your needs

A full range of audio post-production services are at your disposal. Our talented and passionate team is here to bring your sound projects to life with excellence and creativity.


Musical composition

Sound and sound editing

Stereo and multi-channel mixing

“In game” implementation

Translation and Adaptation

Soundtrack restoration

Consulting and strategy

Our activities

Our projects

Discover some of our most notable recent projects and explore our diverse portfolio of sound creations. Each project is a showcase of our know-how and our commitment to sound excellence.

Our clients

Every customer is a long-term partner to us

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