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Our services

We offer you nothing less than excellence

Our comprehensive expertise in dubbing, music composition, sound editing, mixing and more ensures premium, immersive sound experiences for your projects.

Multi-Language Dubbing

We are able to offer a comprehensive multi-language dubbing service to meet the needs of our clients internationally.With expertise in dubbing in French, English, Spanish, Japanese, German and many other languages, we provide complete support for your project, from the translation and adaptation of dialogues to voice casting, to name a few. through recording, editing and mixing.


Our dedicated team is committed to delivering high-quality vocal performances and ensuring perfect harmony between voice and image, for immersive and authentic sound experiences.


Musical composition

At Light Fader, we are proud to count on the exceptional skills of our main composer, Jean Claude Charlier.


With a rich and diverse experience in the field of musical composition, Jean Claude excels in the art of creating original and captivating works to accompany a variety of audiovisual and video game projects.


From writing scores to composition, including conducting and artistic advice, Jean Claude brings a unique touch to each project. His talent and passion for music guarantee superior quality musical compositions, adapted to each scene and each atmosphere, to enrich your productions with unforgettable sounds.

Sound editing and sound effects

The art of sound editing and sound effects has no secrets for us, adding an immersive and realistic dimension to your audiovisual projects.


Our team specializes in carefully assembling different sound elements to create a coherent and captivating experience. Whether it's thrilling action scenes, moments of intense suspense, or atmospheric soundscapes, we're equipped to bring every detail to life.


Additionally, our professional-quality private banks and tailor-made recording techniques guarantee exceptional results that enhance the emotional impact of your projects.


Stereo and Multi-channel Mixing

We have mastered the art of stereo and multi-channel mixing, offering incomparable sound immersion to your audiovisual projects.


We are equipped to mix, whatever the format, your most ambitious projects. Whether it's stereo mixing for cinema or television, or multi-channel mixing for immersive virtual reality experiences, we're ready to take on any challenge. Thanks to our expertise and cutting-edge tools, we guarantee clear, powerful and harmonious sound that transports your audience to the heart of the action.


Who said we only do audio? We also specialize in in-game implementation, offering seamless integration of audio into your video game projects.


With our expertise on platforms such as Wwise, Fmod, Godot, as well as our ability to work directly in Unreal Engine 5 and Unity, we are able to create immersive and interactive audio experiences that enrich the gameplay and immersion of your games.


Our team of skilled professionals is ready to tackle any technical challenges to ensure that your game audio is perfectly synchronized, dynamic and engaging, providing an unforgettable gaming experience for your players.

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Avec différentes langues Chalkboard

Translation and Adaptation

Our attraction to languages pushes us to offer translation and script adaptation services to meet the international needs of our clients. Our team and translation and adaptation partners specialize in seamlessly converting dialogue and text into different languages, while preserving the integrity and essence of the original work.


Whether for video games, films, animated series or other audiovisual content, we ensure that each translation is accurate, natural and culturally appropriate, ensuring an authentic experience for your target audience. With careful attention to linguistic nuances and cultural specificities, we are here to help you share your story with the world, in the language they understand best.

Soundtrack Restoration

At Light Fader, we understand the importance of preserving sound heritage and restoring valuable audio recordings.


Our dedicated team of specialists is ready to take on the challenge of bringing your vintage, damaged or altered soundtracks back to life. With our technical expertise and commitment to sonic excellence, we are here to help you regain the clarity, fidelity and original quality of your recordings, while preserving their authenticity and historical value.

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